How to make cheap Okro/Okra soup

Do you know that one of the easiest soups to make is Okro soup? Not only is it super easy to make but it has lots of health benefits.


Some Benefits of Okra include;

1. Okro/Okra helps for weight management for people looking to lose weight. Because of the fiber contained in okra, you feel fuller after consumption.

2. The folic acid contained in Okra makes it great for pregnant women

3. Okra also makes it easy for bowel movement.

4. Okra is super awesome for the skin and hair
and may more awesome benefits….

Now to how to prepare cheap and delicious Okra soup;
With 1000 naira, you can prepare this delicious meal, especially if you have some of he ingredients at home. Can you believe that? Awesome right?

What you will need
Fish 300
Okra 200
Pepper 100
Ugwu leaves 100
Crayfish 100
Palm oil 100
Maggi 100

How to prepare; Watch the video below

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